At Indo Shell cast we primarily focus on parts between 300 grams to 15 KG.
The match plate sizes are specified below:

  • L730 x W 375 mm
  • L730 x W 420 mm
  • L620 x W 520 mm

Advanced Infrastructure

  • Advanced Zee track dual track induction furnaces which enable power saving of 20% and productivity improvement of 30%
  • 4 induction furnaces to melt a total of 70 tones per day and 104 station shell moulding machines to produce about 12000 moulds every day. 40 different products will be run every day
  • Mechanized magnesium cored wire system is used for treating S.G iron reducing the pollution and better control over the metal. The inoculant feeders are automated for mistake proofing
  • Use of advance systems like Image Analyzer, Thermal analysis software and Spectro Analyzer for checking the metallurgy and soundness of the casting
  • Undertake non-destructive testing like ultra sonic flaw detector, ultra sonic velocity meter and magnetic particle testing to ensure the soundness in casting. All sorts of defects like cracks, porosity, shrinkage etc can be eliminated upfront
  • We manufacture all grades of S.G Iron (Ductile Iron) and Grey Iron with Ductile is our Specialty Product
  • Specialists in producing High silicon Molybdenum Ductile Iron, Compacted Graphite Iron, Austempered ductile iron and chilled cast iron
  • Successfully developed a low silicon ductile iron more suitable for induction hardening applications


Indo Shell Cast is a community of skilled technicians and professionals dedicated to perfecting and diversifying their art of casting. Operating round the clock, our current annual production is around 25000 tons of molten metal to produce Grey Iron, S.G Iron, Compacted Graphite Iron &  Astumpered Ductile Iron.


range of Shell Moulding
 50Gms. to 15 Kgs.
 Right Dimension accuracy.
As cast dimension
+- 0.4 MM
Machined dimension
 +- 0. 5Microns.